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The idea of creating website sewreview.com was started when I wanted to buy a sewing machine for home use. In trying to find the right model for my needs I searched through various review-websites, to find helpful information on the subject. Unfortunately, no single website contained the information I was looking for. Reviews, like users opinions, often contain only the impression of a user from a machine: "cool machine, I like it! ","I don't recommend this model, it does not work well" etc. However, comments like that do not help when you you're concerned about finding the right product for you, because the needs and skills are different. Websites that sell sewing equipment, write a minimum of parameters and only a text about advantages of these machines, making it hard to decide which model among thousands is right for your needs.

At the same time continuing to explore the world of sewing machines I found a lot of innovations, which I have not even suspected. The world of sewing machines is booming, but unfortunately most all of the information about the machines is fragmented and difficult to search for. So I created sewreview.com – a website that contains full descriptions and detailed information related to the top sewing machines being sold in the marketplace today. I hope my website will help you in your search for a sewing machine that answers your needs.

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