LED Fashion

By Katya Ryabtseva on

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The Galaxy Dress, created by a company called CuteCircuit, is the world's largest wearable LED display. On permanent display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

Phillips Skin Dress. The dresses show emotive technology and how the body and the near environment can use pattern and color change to interact and predict the emotional state.

Video dresses by Hussein Chalayan

Music Following Dress by Lucentury. This black gown includes 384 white LEDs, installed in curved channels, and a monochromatic design to complement the musical selection and choreographed lighting sequences. Its construction features triangular white fabric accents which serve to diffuse the lighting effects. The lighting patterns can follow selected music or operate in contrast to it.

Voice Following Dress by Lucentury. In this video, Cary Ann Rosko performs a stunning vocal improvisation. Her gown includes 76 groups of embedded lights, each diffused via fiber optics. As Rosko’s song begins, the lights mimic her tone and dynamic: Cool blues increase in intensity as she crescendos, then recede as she hits higher notes.


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