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  • Ray Marrs lecture on History of Textile Printing - blog & news

    The first part of a lecture series on Textile print processes and techniques...

  • Japanese researchers weave capacitive touch into large-area textiles, want to make them wearable - blog & news

    Conductive fibers, yo, they're the future. Japan's AIST is back with yet another quirky idea, this time integrating capacitive touch sensors into 1-micron thick nylon fibers. The results is a big old cloth that can sense your loving touch and inform nearby computers of what you're up to. Initial uses envisioned by the research outfit include implementation in hospitals to monitor bedridden patients, but the ultimate goal is to make this extra-sensitive array a wearable accoutrement...

  • Vlieseline — sewing, embroidery and quilting tricks and more - blog & news

    Here is seven videos from the Vlieseline about very useful products in professional sewing: Vlieseline Quilting Fleece for Iron-On, Vlieseline Double-sided Adhesive, Vlieseline Soluweb — Water soluble Embroidery Stabilizer and temporary adhesive Aid, Vlieseline Vilene Lamifix matt - the wipeable iron transfer, Vlieseline Quilter's Grid, Vlieseline Corsage, Vlieseline Perfect Hem... [7 videos]

  • LED Fashion - blog & news

    The Galaxy Dress, Skin Dress, Video dresses, Music Following Dress, Voice Following Dress... [video]