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  • Transfer-Print Plastic zipper - blog & news

    Striped, patterned and multicolored zippers...

  • Amazingly Beautiful Handmade Buttons by Elsita Mora - blog & news

    Elsa Mora (born in Holguin, Cuba on May 9, 1971) is an artist working in all media including painting, photography, ceramics, porcelain, collage, bronze and mixed media. Her works are amazing... [more images]

  • Couture Buttons by Laura Walker - blog & news

    About Laura Walker: "I'm an artist who makes a lot of couture buttons, I am the girl who can supply your habit, yes I know about your addiction, just think of my buttons like the very finest scotch single malt it might cost a little more but nothing else can touch it ;). I got a first class BA (Hons) in 2005 specialising in Embroidery, I had button designs in my head which I wanted to stitch on my work, I couldn't find anything remotely like the buttons I wanted, so I decided to make them myself... [more images]

  • Buttons in Jewelry, Interior, Design and more - blog & news

    A lot of interesting images...