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  • Seven unique deco cover stitches from Pfaff - blog & news

    These seven deco cover stitches are only available on Pfaff's 10-threads creative coverlock 4874. In my opinion these unique beautiful decorative cover-stitches provide many new opportunities for creativity and quick professionally looking decorating on the garments...

  • Pfaff Creative 4874 Coverlock - reviews

    10-thread top coverstitch coverlok — Pfaff creative 4874. This coverlock has 30 built-in stitches! 7 of them are new top coverstitch decorative stitches I've never seen before. Also this model has overlock stitches, safestitches, rolled hems, chain stitch and regular coverstitches. Features: Sewing, trimming, and finishing in one step ,Differential feed ,Adjustable presser foot pressure ,“snap-on” presser foot system ,Two variable sewing speeds...

  • Creative 4874 - brands & models

    Pfaff 4874 features: thread tensions, stitch lengths, and differential feed are automatically at the optimal setting and can be individually adjusted if needed; your individual settings can be saved; easy threading, and absolutely even seams; a generous work area; high presser foot lift; extensive accessories; tension release button for the needle threads, so the fabric can easily be removed from under the presser foot. All controls are in easy reach on the outside of the machine.

  • Coverlock 4862 - brands & models

    Coverlock 4862 with two needles, four threads, and 13 stitch programs, differential feed, two sewing speeds, auto thread tension.

  • Coverstyle 4852 - brands & models

    Two needles, five threads and 18 stitch programs. Serger and cover stitch machine in one.