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  • Sewreview team has started a new brand - blog & news

    Just few minutes ago we added one more brand TOYOTA. Yes, Toyota produces sewing machines too :)

  • ESY221 - brands & models

  • FSG325 - brands & models

  • FSR18 - brands & models

  • FSR21 - brands & models

  • FSS21 - brands & models

  • RA224 - brands & models

  • RSL18 - brands & models

  • RSR21 - brands & models

  • 15JSPB - brands & models

  • SPB15 - brands & models

  • SPA15 - brands & models

  • FSM21 - brands & models

  • ES 21 - brands & models

  • CU21 - brands & models

  • BL16 - brands & models

  • SPA26 - brands & models

  • SPB26 - brands & models

  • SPA34 Decomaster - brands & models

  • SPB34 - brands & models

  • Ergonomics Design Series from Toyota - blog & news

    Now available full specifications for all Ergonomic Design (SP series) sewing machines from Toyota.

  • JetB224 - brands & models

    This model has all needed basic functions for sewing and very simple navigation. Even if you've never used sewing machine you'll quickly deal with this one. ...And it's black

  • ESM21 - brands & models

  • Designs for Living - blog & news

    If you are looking for stylish sewing machine for basic needs you'll find that post interesting. Toyota presents the "Designs for Leaving" series.

  • JFS18 - brands & models

    14 preset stitch patterns, sewing from heavy to light fabrics and easy interface — good choice for beginners!

  • JSBA21 - brands & models

    Easy to use sewing machine with basic functions. Sew from heavy fabrics like denim to light like silk.

  • JS021 - brands & models

    17 stitch patterns, 4-step buttonhole, easy navigation, sewing from light to heavy fabrics — very good machine for beginners.

  • Quilt60 - brands & models

    Quilt50 has 22 stitch patterns (including 5 patchwork stitches), automatic buttonhole, adjustable stitch length and width, adjustable presser foot pressure, built-in needle threader and 6 special accessories for patchwork

  • Quilt50 - brands & models

    Quilt50 has 20 stitch patterns (including 5 patchwork stitches), 4-step buttonhole, adjustable stitch length, adjustable presser foot pressure, built-in needle threader and 6 special accessories for patchwork

  • 21DES - brands & models

    Good sewing machine for beginners or occasionally sewers. 17 stitch patterns, preset stitch length and width, 4-step buttonhole, built-in needle threader.

  • DE21 - brands & models

    Basic sewing machine with preset 17 stitch patterns, 4-step buttonhole and adjustable presser foot pressure.

  • DE325 - brands & models

    19 stitch patterns, automatic buttonhole, adjustable stitch width & length, needle position variations: left, center & right, built-in needle threader, adjustable presser foot pressure. This sewing machine is a good friend for beginner sewers & for advance too.

  • DE224 - brands & models

    17 stitch patterns, 4-step buttonhole, center & left needle positions, adjustable stitch length presser foot pressure, built-in needle threader. Extension table is included to the accessory set. Basic and easy to use sewing machine.

  • EZ901 - brands & models

    Prosumer computerized sewing machine with speed control function, adjustable stitch width and length, needle stops up/down button, start/stop sewing button, built-in needle threader, automatic buttonhole and indicator display.

  • Today we finished listing all available Toyota sewing machines - blog & news

    All available at this moment Toyota sewing machines you can find in Toyota brand. We finished writing full specifications for all models.

  • ESS224 - brands & models

  • ESG325 - brands & models

  • Sewing Machine Design by Lysandre FOLLET - blog & news

    GOLD prize Sponsor Project Award - Sewing Machine Design Aisin Seiki — Member of the TOYOTA Motor Group...

  • Toyota JSA21 Jeans Review - reviews

    Toyota JSA21 Jeans is one of the popular basic models on It is a 17 stitch sewing machine with 4-step buttonhole sewing, very easy to operate and at very affordable price. All stitches are preset, you just need to select which one you want to use. For the straight stitch there is an optional left needle positioning. Very easy to operate stitch selection dial for choosing stitch from 1 to 21. Wide table allows to sew big projects like quilt. Reverse placed very conveniently...

  • JSA21 - brands & models

    JSA21 includes all needed basic function and easiest controls. 17 stitch patterns including overlock stitches, sewing from light to heavy fabrics, 4-step buttonhole and wide extension table.