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  • Fashionary — sketchbook for tailors and fashion designers - blog & news

    Today I received this amazing kinda moleskin for fashion designers. This sketchbook is wonderful! Very good quality, nice vanilla-color paper, right size and of course convenient pages with doted figures. This is really helps to concentrate on the idea you want to draw without spending time on silhouette. Also here’s a lot of useful information:

  • HEXAPELERINE by Lisa Shahno - blog & news

    Hexagon-pelerine with an inner secret zipper pocket. This model is based on the hexaflexagon, discovered in 1939 by Arthur H. Stone - 2D paper hexagon; with more then two sides which can by turn become its outward surface or disappear inside while hexaflexagon is folded...

  • Um Bags by Josh Jakus - blog & news

    UMs developed from two creative challenges: The first, to make use of the unique properties of wool felt - its density, texture, pliability, and strength. And the second, to transform a flat surface using only the simplest of operations...

  • Fiber Optic Fabric - blog & news

    This technology allows to wave plastic optical fibers alongside synthetic fibers, forming a luminous fabric. The luminous fabric is similar to a synthetic fabric (it can be sewn, hand washed,…), except that it can emit light when connected to a specific electronic module. This electronic module can be powered either by a disposable or rechargeable battery, or by a small mains transformer (for non wearable items)...

  • Lighted Faux Fur Coat by Enlightened Designs - blog & news

    About: "We specialize in making lighted clothes that are easy to use and beautiful to wear. Our design philosophy assigns equal importance to the aesthetic goals of a piece and the underlying technical functionality. While the complex electronic connections and controls are usually hidden from view, making our garments seem deceptively simple, the process for making them is much more complicated than it looks."... [more photos]

  • LED Fashion - blog & news

    The Galaxy Dress, Skin Dress, Video dresses, Music Following Dress, Voice Following Dress... [video]