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  • Elna Sewing Machines - blog & news

    We've started listing models for one more brand — Elna...

  • Elna 2600 - reviews

  • 2600 - brands & models

  • 2800 - brands & models

    This machine is perfect for all basic sewing needs and for advanced too. Has 22 stitch patterns, Drop-in bobbin system, adjustable stitch width & length, very convenient free arm and very good included accessories. But a little bit pricey.

  • 2300 - brands & models

    This high quality sewing machine is perfect for beginners and for experienced sewers, has a very nice combination of simple and convenient features, sew from light to heavy fabrics. Here's only one minus — it's little bit pricey for sewing machines in that category.

  • 2100 - brands & models

    This is a general purpose sewing machine. 14 universal stitch patterns, adjustable stitch length & width, presser foot pressure, 4-step buttonhole, built-in thread cutter.

  • Elna 1000 Sew Fun - reviews

  • Elna Sew Fun & Sew Green— the simplest models for beginners - blog & news

    These machines are very-very simple, but it doesn't mean low quality! Great friends to those who are just starting to sew...

  • 1000 Sew Fun - brands & models

  • 3210 - brands & models

    Elna 3210 sews any fabric from delicate silk to rugged canvas, has 2 convenient accessory storage areas, horizontal bobbin system and more. Will be interesting for experienced sewers!

  • 3230 - brands & models

    Elna 3210 sews any fabric from delicate silk to rugged canvas, has 2 convenient accessory storage areas, horizontal bobbin system, slide speed control, needle stop up/down feature, LED display and more. Will be interesting for experienced sewers!

  • Computerised Sewing Machine Elna 6200 - blog & news

    This model have a lot of convenient features...

  • 6600 - brands & models

    Horizontal Full Rotary Hook, Free Arm / Flat Bed, Superior 7 Piece Feed Mechanism, Maximum Speed 820 spm, Memory Store / Recall, Needle Up/Down, Needle Threader, Extra Needle Penetration Power, Twin Needle Facility, Automatic Thread Tension Control, 200 Stitches, 12 Buttonhole Styles, 3 Monogram Fonts, Drop Feed, Lettering Upper & Lower Case, Stitch & Turn Over Memory Capability, Horizontal Type Spool Pin, Knee Lifter, Auto De Clutch Bobbin Winder, Pressure Adjustment, Power Switch, Edit Facility, LCD Display (Size 70 X 40 mm), Elongation, Adjustable Speed Control, Auto-Lock Button, Start / Stop Button, Monogramming, Padded Red Carry Bag — all inside this machine!

  • Elna 6600 computerized sewing machine - blog & news

    If you are looking for the modern high quality sewing machine for quilting & patchwork you'll find this model interesting...

  • Elna 7100 & Janome MC1600P DBX - blog & news

    Do you think they are two different machines?

  • 7100 - brands & models

    The Elna 7100 high speed sewing machine has the DB type industrial sewing machine needle and the Auto-thread cutter. It sews a straight stitch at 1,600 stitches per minute, the fastest on the market. From the new "Liquid Response" foot control to the pre-tension system, everything on this machine is built for high quality stitches at professional speeds.

  • 7300 Pro Quilting Queen - brands & models

    This machine is a twin sister of Janome 6600P with a little differences. Any way here is a lot of features for quilting and decorative embroidery stitches.

  • Elna 7300 and Janome 6600 - blog & news

    If you are looking for sewing machine for quilting and ready to spend more than 1000$ you shold know this trick...

  • 8600 Xplore - brands & models

    From embellishment with decorative stitches and delicate heirloom work, to creative quilting and clothing construction, your sewing projects will go smoother and look better.

  • Elna Sew Zebra - brands & models

    Perfect machine for basic needs, but little bit expensive.

  • Elna Sew Green - brands & models

    This machine is identical with Elna Sew Fun & Sew Zebra

  • Elna 3210 Jeans - brands & models

  • Elna 5200 - brands & models

  • Elna 5300 - brands & models

  • Elna 9600 "Haute Couture" - brands & models

  • 6200 - brands & models

  • Computerised Sewing Machines with Touch LCD Screen - blog & news

    Here is three sewing machines with full-color LCD touch screen...

  • Elna 740 eXcellence - reviews

    Elna eXellence is not just a home sewing machine, it makes sewing easier and more professional. It has a wide working area (11inches) for big projects. For convenience, free arm panel is longer and narrower than usual. If you need larger working area, you can use extension table. If you need even more space for your project, you can add to this machine a studio table...

  • Elna #1 "Grasshoper" Antique Sewing Machine - blog & news

    This machine was made by the Swiss firm Tavaro S. A., Geneva, Switzerland. The Company started manufacturing sewing machines in 1934 and the Elna was introduced in 1940. Designed by Ramon Casas it was the first modern free arm portable machine and proved extremely popular. Manufactured until 1952 the Elna under went very minor modifications during its production most notably to the motor and its housing. Initially the Elna did not carry a model number but has since become known as the Elna No.1, it also has the affectionate nick-name of "Grasshopper"...

  • Elna Lotus — Sewing Machine of Moma Collection - blog & news

    The Elna Lotus was launched in 1968, a compact sewing machine with a unique design. Today you can find the Elna Lotus in the Design Collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). Compact machines with a self- contained accessory unit and carrying case. Styled by Raymond Loewy of Paris, France, the Lotus model received international awards for its design. The first Elna's compact sewing machine, embodying in one unit: compact design, i.e. reduced dimensions but a normal working surface light weight integrated case (protection flaps) built-in sewing table...

  • Elna eXcellence - brands & models

    Elna eXellence 740 is the prosumer sewing machine for sewing projects of varying complexity up to high level of difficulty, ideal for patchwork and advanced sewing. Has a lot of decorative stitches and helpful accessories for them. Equipped with features that usually have industrial sewing machines.