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  • Elna 7100 & Janome MC1600P DBX - blog & news

    Do you think they are two different machines?

  • 7100 - brands & models

    The Elna 7100 high speed sewing machine has the DB type industrial sewing machine needle and the Auto-thread cutter. It sews a straight stitch at 1,600 stitches per minute, the fastest on the market. From the new "Liquid Response" foot control to the pre-tension system, everything on this machine is built for high quality stitches at professional speeds.

  • 7300 Pro Quilting Queen - brands & models

    This machine is a twin sister of Janome 6600P with a little differences. Any way here is a lot of features for quilting and decorative embroidery stitches.

  • Elna 7300 and Janome 6600 - blog & news

    If you are looking for sewing machine for quilting and ready to spend more than 1000$ you shold know this trick...