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  • EMERALD™ 203 - brands & models

  • TOPAZ™ 30 - brands & models

  • TOPAZ™ 20 - brands & models

  • DESIGNER RUBY™ - brands & models

  • DESIGNER DIAMOND™ - brands & models

  • HUSKYLOCK™ s15 - brands & models

  • Husqvarna Viking - blog & news

    New brand today — Husqvarna Viking...

  • HUSKYLOCK™ s21 - brands & models

  • HUSKYLOCK™ s series from Husqvaena Viking - blog & news

    HUSKYLOCK™ s15 is a serger with free arm feature, HUSKYLOCK™ s21 and HUSKYLOCK™ s25 are a combine of serger and coverstitch machine with extension table...

  • Huskystar E20 - brands & models

    Huskystar E20 is an excellent beginner’s sewing machine with a generous stitch selection. It is a sturdy and reliable machine for years of sewing enjoyment.

  • Mega Quilter - brands & models

    Professional sewing machine for quilters. Sews 1,600 stitches per minute. Extra large working area 9" x 6". Large, portable extension table 24" x 16". Ergonomically designed especially for quilters. Perfect stitches on every fabric thickness thanks to automatic stitch control, thread pre-tension adjustment and adjustable presser foot pressure. The knee lift function lets you keep your hands on your project. Automatic thread cutting with the touch of a button. Industrial full rotary hook system

  • EMERALD™ 118 - brands & models

  • EMERALD™ 116 - brands & models

    Very good basic sewing machine for sewing and quilting.

  • EMERALD™ 183 - brands & models

  • H|CLASS™ E10 - brands & models

    Reliable basic sewing machine with 20 built-in stitch patterns, 4-step buttonhole sewing, adjustable presser foot pressure.

  • H|CLASS™ E20 - brands & models

    Reliable all purpose sewing machine. The HUSQVARNA VIKING® H ICLASSTM E20 features 32 stitches, including utility stitches, decorative stitches, stretch stitches and an easy one-step buttonhole. The stitch length can be adjusted between 0 and 4 mm and the stitch width up to 5 mm. The presser foot pressure is adjustable.

  • SAPPHIRE™ 855 - brands & models

  • HUSKYLOCK™ s25 - brands & models

  • SAPPHIRE™ 835 - brands & models

  • SAPPHIRE™ 875 - brands & models

  • H|CLASS™ 500E - brands & models

    Six different one-step buttonholes for various sewing applications. 120built-indesigns,100bonus designs and built-in lettering with 20 fonts.

  • H|CLASS™ 600E - brands & models

    Husqvarna Viking H|CLASS 600E is a good combination of embroidery and sewing machine. This machine is suitable for people who usually use all techniques in sewing projects: quilting, embroidery and regular sewing. It equipped with all necessary and some advance features and software for embroidery design. Buying this sewing machine be ready to spend enough time to study the manual.

  • Husqvarna Viking H|CLASS 600E - reviews

    Husqvarna Viking H|CLASS 600E is an embroidery and sewing machine. This machine equipped with 100 built-in stitches for quilting, utility, specialty and heirloom sewing and adjustable up to 7mm stitch width and up to 5mm length; 18 1/2” x 11” embroidery area, 250 designs and lettering program with 20 fonts, two embroidery hoops and software that allow you to use your own images or clip art to create custom embroideries. Built-in Stitches: * 6 automatic buttonhole styles * Utility Stitches, * Stretch Stitches, * Quilting Stitches, * Decorative Stitches, * Lettering. Features...