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  • Glow In The Dark Threads - blog & news

    Glow in the dark threads for embroidery and sewing give a lot of new ideas! Fluorescent thread can especially be used for safety purposes. The long lasting luminosity makes embroidered logos, lettering, and motifs shine in the dark. Those wearing such clothes are even visible if there is no source of light immediately directed towards them. That is an advantage compared to reflecting materials which only reflect with incident light...

  • Vlieseline — sewing, embroidery and quilting tricks and more - blog & news

    Here is seven videos from the Vlieseline about very useful products in professional sewing: Vlieseline Quilting Fleece for Iron-On, Vlieseline Double-sided Adhesive, Vlieseline Soluweb — Water soluble Embroidery Stabilizer and temporary adhesive Aid, Vlieseline Vilene Lamifix matt - the wipeable iron transfer, Vlieseline Quilter's Grid, Vlieseline Corsage, Vlieseline Perfect Hem... [7 videos]

  • Straight Stitch Needle Plate — How it Works? - blog & news

    The straight stitch needle plate and the straight stitch foot can only be used for straight stitches (middle needle position stitches). Use the straight stitch needle plate and the straight stitch foot when sewing thin fabrics or when sewing small pieces which tend to sink into the hole of the regular needle plate during sewing. The straight stitch foot is perfect to reduce puckering on lightweight fabrics...